The Latest Fear Rumor, An Invisible Gestapo: National Guard Troops to Round Up Undocumented Aliens

The Trump Nationalists are from the same gang of European Nationalists who now seek a return to the glory days of the 1930s.  The playbook is the same: target refugees and immigrants – the non-whites.  Identify them as the cause of economic decline, or crime, or even personal failings.  Shift the responsibility for every problem a person may encounter in a complex and modern world to a non-voting poor person who is merely trying to survive and build his or her way into society.

So when The Guardian newspaper ran the story of a supposedly “leaked” Executive Order calling for National Guard Troops to round up undocumented aliens from Oregon to Louisiana and all across the western United States; people began tweeting and blogging.  And, of course, fear is now spreading.  Immigrants who are here with or without legal status will live in fear of being pulled out of their homes in the middle of the night.  Being rounded up at the meatpacking factory, or in the strawberry fields, or on the construction site.  They will worry about what will happen to their children.  They will re-think whether it is worth staying another year in a country that is now declaring them the enemy.  Like the 1930′s we have clearly identified immigrants as our neo-modern version of Jews, Romanis (gypsies), Indians, Slavs, Pols, Serbs, Russians, homosexuals, Jehovah witnesses, and the disabled.

Despite the Guardian’s article, there was no “leak” of an Executive Order for a western roundup.  It was an intentional dissemination of a fake proposed Executive Order.  The Trump Nationalists know that using the National Guard of the Western States (coincidently in the 9th Circuit, the Circuit that threw out the travel ban) would never happen.  But that is not their objective.  They want an invisible Gestapo to enter the minds of every immigrant, whether they are here with or without legal status.  The invisible Gestapo is even more effective than a real jackbooted officer on patrol.  He is scarier in the mind than in body. He cannot be captured on an I-Phone video or protested for inflicting his humiliation and dishonor of our country.  Invisible he is invincible.  But in flesh, he is powerless and vulnerable.

Although it is hard to believe, these days will soon pass and the Trump Nationalists will be sent back to their shadows. America will never tolerate a Gestapo and its patience with Nationalist nuts will not last long.  Even the Republican Party is not going to allow Nationalists to succeed – it’s bad for business.  Four years from now, it will be the irony of history that Donald Trump and his Nationalist devotees, became the catalyst for passage of the most sweeping Immigration reform in American History.  A famous quote often attributed to Winston Churchill, captures the sentiment of this prediction: The Americans will always do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.

The link below is to the article in The Guardian.  I would not even dignify the work of the Trump Nationalist by calling up the fake leaked Executive Order.

The Guardian: Donald Trump Considers Using National Guard to Round Up Immigrants, Memo Suggests


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