Nallely Acosta

Nallely AcostaNallely Acosta is a Paralegal at Formica Williams, P.C., focusing on immigration cases. Ms. Acosta is a graduate of Simmons College in Boston, where she majored in both Society and Health and Spanish Literature.

Born in Michoacan, Mexico, Ms. Acosta immigrated to the U.S. when she was ten years old. At first, her father picked fruit in Florida and California, but then obtained a position in manufacturing in Wallingford, Connecticut, where the family settled. Ms. Acosta quickly learned to speak English, and integrated into the American culture.

She has contributed to her community through activities such as volunteering with local health organizations and other non-profits. In 2011, while working for the firm, Ms. Acosta took a leave of absence to perform volunteer work to a developing community in Kenya, Africa. There she taught elementary school children and worked to improve living conditions. In 2012, Ms. Acosta flew to the Mexican/Texas border to search for a missing person who became lost while crossing the desert. Ms. Acosta continues to look for ways to contribute to her community, her country and the global community.

Her own experience with immigration informs her work and gives her insight and compassion to the firm’s clients.