Glenn Formica

Glenn Formica

Glenn Formica is a founding partner at Formica Williams P.C., and a highly regarded trial lawyer and immigration practitioner. He has built his firm’s reputation on a willingness to take the difficult and complex cases that many other attorneys refuse as unwinnable or requiring too many resources. At trial, he prefers strategy and forethought over the traditional checklist mentality of many counsels. In his fifteenth year of practice, Attorney Formica says, “there is little that can compare to the intensity of having a jury in the box while you are working in the well of a courtroom. At a certain point, it begins to feel like an addiction, as if anything else is an interminable wait until the next trial.”

With equal intensity and deep passion, Attorney Formica has developed a complex immigration practice that was born from a pro bono commitment to a Congolese asylum client more than twelve years ago. Since then, Attorney Formica and his firm have become known as the firm that is unafraid to litigate immigration issues. In addition to representing clients in immigration court and at the board of immigration appeals, Attorney Formica will challenge removals in federal district and circuit courts, where jurisdiction over immigration cases has been severely limited in the past two decades. Attorney Formica has also extended his practice into the developing field of Crimigation, where criminal charges are combined with immigration issues, so that clients need more than a criminal defense lawyer to resolve their liability. These are inherently difficult cases that require an equal knowledge of litigation and complex immigration law.

Attorney Formica’s comment on his two practices is that “civil litigation feeds the ego and gives the pleasure of competition; Immigration law humbles you with its complexity and the desperation that it inflicts upon your clients. My immigration practice has certainly made me a better litigator and human being. It has taught me never to accept a final ruling, to appeal, to rethink, to retry; because it always involves families, kids, and futures.”

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Attorney Formica spent his early years in Guilford, Connecticut.  His family then moved to Brookline, New Hampshire, where he grew up in a rural community of less than a thousand residents.

As an undergraduate, he attended Boston University and received a dual degree in English and Classical Studies, graduating cum laude with distinction in 1992.  After college, Attorney Formica traveled to Australia and worked for Senator David MacGibbon, a member of the Australian National Parliament.

He received his J.D. from the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law.

First admitted to the Maryland Bar, Attorney Formica worked as an associate attorney for the law firm of Dufour & Kohlhoss, Chartered, which maintained a regional and national real estate practice as well as providing general counsel to national banks.  In 1999, he was admitted to practice law in Connecticut, and relocated back to his native state from the Washington, D.C. area.  Attorney Formica began his career in Connecticut practicing in civil litigation at Fazzone Baillie Ryan & Seadale, LLC.  In 2001, he launched Formica, P.C. in New Haven, Connecticut, which has expanded and thrived over the past decade.

As an active community volunteer, Attorney Formica has served as a member of many local boards, including the Shoreline Housing Alliance, Branford Interfaith Housing, and the Guilford Preservation Alliance.  He is a Vestry Member of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Branford, and acts as volunteer counsel to the Shoreline Greenway Trail.  Reflecting the ideals and dedication that guide his law practice, Attorney Formica has also been active in providing pro bono counsel for refugees through the International Institute of Connecticut, Inc., and has also mentored other local attorneys in providing pro bono counsel to refugees and asylum seekers in the state of Connecticut.

Attorney Formica  is a member of the Connecticut and American Bar Associations, the American Trial Lawyers Association (for which he is the former Vice-Chair of the Commercial Litigation Section), the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.